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A vibe is a superpower - it acts as a frequency for your intentions!

Let your Vibe be your life, love and livelihood partner!

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1. Your Vibe is your Divine Partner.

The Vibe Guide gives you step-by-step ways to join forces with your summoned Vibe. With a Vibe as your partner, you're equipped with a super-power that is uniquely yours. It's like having a tiger in your corner!

2. Let your Vibe Work for you.

When you work your Vibe, your Vibe works for you. The Vibe Guide equips you with tips and strategies to see, wear, spark, and speak your Vibe all year long. Whether you want to embody a Calm Vibe or Wild Vibe, the Vibe Guide will inspire you with ways to work your vibe.

3. Join the Vibe collective!

Join like-minded humans from around the work who've united in a positive + powerful way with their Vibe. Our collective energy supercharges your Vibe/year! Using the Vibe Guide lets you share in the unity, power and grace the Vibe collective creates between us!


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Dr. Elysa Roberts

Dr. Elysa Roberts is a coach, speaker, and teacher passionate about empowering anyone, especially those identifying as women, to unearth their worth from archaic conditioning, reclaim their power, and make an impact in their world with confidence, compassion, and abandon! Too often, what holds us back is a lack of confidence, feeling hesitant to speak up, following outdated rules, and believing our worth has to do with weight, wealth, work ethic or workload. And now, it's time to break these vibe-dulling ways of thinking, feeling and being!

What started as her own mission to free herself from Diet Culture, the Patriarchy, Imposter Syndrome, people-pleasing, good-girl conditioning and postponing her passions is now at the core of Elysa’s purpose and livelihood.

Elysa blends her: passion for inspiring you to pursue your passions, determination to disrupt archaic sociocultural norms, skill in teaching and higher education for over 20 years, thirst for exploring how science backs her coaching, and intuitive gift to optimize her clients' experiences. It’s her highest intention to be your best investment.

Learn more about what’s on Elysa’s mind and the services she offers here:

On a personal side, Elysa is an American who landed in Oz in 2013 for a professional adventure. Newcastle is the city by the sea that adopted her. Besides work, she loves coastal walks, spinning, weekly Pilates, reading Oracle cards with soul sisters, an extra-hot cappuccino on almond milk, daily dark chocolate, Wi-Fi, and Facetime.

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